Help on Browser Compatiblity

We have migrated to a new internet banking site, which offers you a contemporary look and feel that matches CUB's corporate website

Unfortunately, the browser you are using is not compatible with new version of CUB Internet Banking website. Our website has detected that you are using lower version of browsers that will prevent you from accessing certain menus/features/enhancements, it is strongly recommended to upgrade your browser to feel the enhanced experience.

Use the links below to upgrade your existing browsers.

If you are unable to upgrade your browser version, we are offering limited access to our original internet banking site.

Unsupported Browser error in Internet Explorer

If you access using Internet Explorer 10 or 11 and are receiving an Unsupported Browser error, it is likely you are in Compatibility View (or mode). If you are in Compatibility View, will detect your browser as Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9. These browser versions are no longer supported. You can easily turn off Compatibility View by clicking on the icon of the broken piece of paper to the left or right of your address bar (depending on your Internet Explorer version). We also recommend that you remove all related domains from your list of sites for which Compatibility View is enabled. The steps to follow differ slightly per IE version.

Internet Explorer 10

1. In Internet Explorer, press the Alt key to display the Menu bar (or right click the Address bar and then select Menu bar).
2. Click on Tools and select Compatibility View settings.
3. Select all related domains under Websites you have added to Compatibility View.
4. Click on Remove.
5. Verify whether the option Display all websites in compatibility view is turned off.
6. Click on Close.

Internet Explorer 11

1. In Internet Explorer click on the Tools button.
2. Click on Compatibility View settings.
3. Under Websites you have added to Compatibility View, select all related domains.
4. Click on Remove.
5. Click on Close.

If you are still getting the Unsupported Browser message, please contact our customer care at or 044-71225000

Site best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+ and with a resolution of 1024x768 or above

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